day 24 - that one awesome movie idea that still hasn’t been done yet

I used to think that Cloud Atlas would be a cool movie idea, if 6 hour movies were financially viable. Maybe if it was given the Peter Jackson treatment with a six part epic which spanned each storyline. 

I had this idea once about Batman. There should be an alternative timeline where Bruce Wayne killed his parents. Spoilt kids do stuff like that, right? Shoot their parents. Bruce is an especially aggressive child, always got in trouble in school, takes out his anger on his parents one day at the end of a ballet/legend of zorro/everchanging show.

The rest of his life is a delusion trying to blame other people for what happened in his childhood. Really, a lot of the folklore around the Batman would still be applicable, except that Bruce has kind of inked that part of his memory away. That would explain why he’s a freaking psycho a lot of the time. He is on the level of delusion as Two-Face and the Joker. 

^^Now that I’ve written your script—Christopher Nolan, please come and make another Batman film?

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day 21 - favorite action movie

Oh. I don’t really watch a lot of action films. I might be lying because I saw Looper the other day. That was one mighty fine action film. I also saw Dredd. That was a huge guilty pleasure. I remember reading Judge Dredd from a very young age at the library. 

It’s not so much that I don’t watch a lot of action films, but I don’t see a lot of value in them. They are mostly entertainment and not a lot else. 

The Town

Love dat Ben Affleck directing. I’m not a fan of his acting, but his directing is clear and brisk. It’s not super flashy, but it’s gritty and effective. I don’t know, I love this film.

It’s a bit on the cliche side, but it’s where the directing shines—that something so strangely familiar (a la Heat) it’s something really emotional and heartfelt. 

And there’s Jon Hamm. That’s enough reason, right?

I forgot to mention Indiana Jones. Who doesn’t like Indiana Jones? #ImmaStabYou

day 14 - a movie that no one would expect you to love

I’m unsure if it’s a film that no one would expect me to love, or that basically no one knows. 


Yea, it’s a bit old.

But it’s such a good film as well. I watched it on a whim, I think a Japanese friend introduced me this film. This was really the beginning of my fascination with Japanese culture.

In retrospect, it was a really good film to start off with—it accurately portrays a period in Japanese history. There is present a struggle between two clans, which has marked Japanese culture strongly even from ancient times. There is certainly some focus in authenticity, with many minkas set out in an organic structure that informs a lot about how they lived. 

day 10 - favorite classic movie

I’m not sure how you would define classic.

1. Do the 60’s/70’s count? I really like early Roman Polanski, especially the Rosemary trilogy—Repulsion, Rosemary’s Baby and The Tenant.

2. I went and saw a silent film last night at the town hall. Sunrise. It was really sweet, and there was a clear thematic narrative. Moreover, you begin to understand where a lot of modern cinematographic conventions come from. Coming from the 1920’s, it is a love story, but it also addresses urban vs. rural themes, and is very telling of people’s positive attitudes toward the urbanisation as a result of the Industrial Revolution. 

I must also point out that Murnau is one of my favourite directors too.

3. King Kong. Who can resist King Kong? The Fay Wray version, of course. 

day 09 - a movie with the best soundtrack

TRON - Legacy

I’m not sure if it’s the best soundtrack, but it’s a Daft Punk soundtrack, which makes it a good soundtrack. In reality, it was the only reason I wasted 90 minutes of my life for this movie—it was for the soundtrack.

It remains the only reason to watch the movie, I guess. Daft Punk makes everything palatable. I bought the soundtrack after the movie, and resolved never to waste my time like that again. 

day 06 - favorite science fiction movie

I saw the new Spiderman film on Wednesday, and it was as great as it possibly could have been considering how mechanical the movie felt. It just seemed to be such a well-oiled machine, there was no humanity in it. It was entertaining, the action sequences were up there with the best, but there was no heart. 

I feel that’s what sci-fi movies have become. They have no humanity in them. 

I was thinking of something really hipster to say, like 2001:Space Odyssey or Tree of Life—but I didn’t really understand either of those films. Though I did immensely enjoy the former. 


One of Danny Boyle’s earlier films. The humans are on a mission to reignite the sun again. 

I’m not a fan of the ending, but the rest of the movie—you feel on the space ship, you feel every bit of hope slowing fading. It’s a very claustrophic, quietly triumphant human story. 

day 05 - favorite love story in a movie

Back from a short break. School has been picking up. 

Whisper of the Heart

My favourite (the correct spelling) love story—I think I would have to pick this film. It’s one of Studio Ghlibi’s earlier stuff, and probably the least well-known of the Ghlibi films. This one was my first, and really my first anime movie. 

It’s not the best love story, but it’s certainly my favourite. It’s kind of cheesy actually a lot of the time. I might also add, I was 14 when I first watched it, so teenage angst was at a maximum. 

I bought tickets to see Dark Knight Rises again in the weekend, and Spiderman is on tomorrow. :D

Day 02 - The most underrated movie

The most underrated movie…that doesn’t sound like much grammatical sense. Much. 

The Fountain

I’m not sure if it’s so underrated as much as it’s misunderstood. It’s a meditation on life and mortality. It probably doesn’t fit underneath the traditional conventions of film, which is probably why it’s misaligned so much.

The movie basically works through 3 storylines of the same person throughout different times throughout history. Similar visual motifs and match cuts brings the 3 stories together. While, the Spanish conquistador is probably the weakest storyline of the three, it all ties together nicely in a coherent narrative.

Admittedly it’s one of the few films with Hugh Jackman I can stand. Also, perhaps the prettiest film you’ll see that is made on a budget of $30 million. 

Heck yes! Who doesn’t like challenges?

I’m going to start at number 1, because I’ll forget which ones I have done, and the one which I haven’t. It gets confusing, and that happened last time I attempted this. 

Day 1 - Your Favourite Film

You’re killing me here. My favourite film? 



Lost in Translation.

I love Bill Murray, Scarlett Johansson is hawt, and Sofia Coppola is directing—this is cinematic perfection to me. It’s mysterious, brooding. The emotional resonance with the characters is there.

I thought maybe the foreign land metaphor of feeling lost in the world could have been a bit heavy handed, but it works. I remember watching this three times in succession on the day I first watched this. 


(There were a few others, I probably might use later for other posts, but: American Beauty, 5 Centimetres Per Second, Whisper of the Heart, The Wrestler. These all come to mind. )

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