When I am short on sleep and fatigued, I get super anxious. Everything suddenly becomes a terrifying possibility. The world becomes a swirling hurricane of everything I fear. 

Then it all stops, and I don’t feel so important any more. 

Among the findings of my research was that the keys to urban sustainability lie less in physical or technical fixes than in aspects of social cooperation, such as whether communities can learn how to renounce self-interested hoarding and practice mutual aid.

– Andrew Ross (34).

Even if you have caused the extinction of dinosaurs with your odorous gases I would love you babe. Understand how much I love you

– I’m not sure if Google Translate is high, or this love letter is that great. 

The shadow of a man where he sat on the steps in Nagasaki when the atomic bomb fell

This is a call for a redirection of architectural intelligence in the design and making of flexible housing: a move from legislator to interpreter. To design a building with the specific intent for it to be changed in any way is to accept that the building is in the first place in some way incomplete, or even imperfect…to admit to social flexibility is to admit time into our buildings, and architects, as Karsten Harries note, live in the ‘terror of time’

Page 8 from:

Schneider, Tatjana, and Jeremy Till. Flexible Housing. Architectural Press, 2007. Print.