Tossing and Turning


They say that it takes seven years for every single cell in our bodies to renew itself. In three years time there will not be a piece of me left that he touched and violated and maybe then, with no cells left to remember, my mind will be free too.

This final paragraph is chilling. 

A few specialists are ready to include homo sapiens among endangered species due to wars, terrorism, famine, and environmental degradation

– Rees 2003

Ah. I found the rest of my photos. My hard drive has been misplaced for a number of weeks, and have been too busy to look for it.

Edinburgh and Glasgow I think. :)


I love this EP, everything about it is just fantastic. :)

When I am short on sleep and fatigued, I get super anxious. Everything suddenly becomes a terrifying possibility. The world becomes a swirling hurricane of everything I fear. 

Then it all stops, and I don’t feel so important any more. 

Among the findings of my research was that the keys to urban sustainability lie less in physical or technical fixes than in aspects of social cooperation, such as whether communities can learn how to renounce self-interested hoarding and practice mutual aid.

– Andrew Ross (34).