Loving this track at the moment. Really feeling the trumpet and hip-hop beats. :)

I am SO tempted to press enter, except that it’s my architecture year group’s page.

I have to temper myself. :(

We’re getting there—two weeks until final presentations. A lot of work has been done, but so much is incomplete, just like this image. :)

A number of unrelated thoughts.

1. Real feminists are too busy working a real job, not spending time on the internet blogging about how the world today has victimised themselves again. I really don’t think they need you defending them. 

2. Roman Polanski is one of the greatest movie directors of our time. His movies are genuinely magic.

3. I am convinced that the production of poor horror movies is a downward spiral. Horror movie are cheap to make. Poor movie directors create poor horror movies, while good directors don’t want to do horror because of it’s negative reputation. And this is how we got the Saw franchise, and James Wan directing FF7. 

4. This year, the theme of movie-watching has been horror. Mostly old stuff—I’ve always been in love with Polanski’s Repulsion (seriously, favourite movie ever) as well as Rosemary’s Baby, and how it creates unique feelings in me that I do not understand.

I love the work of Ti West. Decidedly retro and the antithesis of everything that modern horror is—slow paced with controlled pacing and mounting dread.

5. I’m a slave to people’s opinions of me, as much as I want to deny it. How people perceive me, and what they think of me marks every decision and movement I do.

6. The biggest enemy to Christianity today is individualism and love of self. People keep on trying to figure out what Christianity can do for them falling into a sort of comfortable and cultured religion. Blame it on laziness—but being a Christian is more in community, less about you.

7. People who fill out their descriptions with a number of sexuality attributes really have lost touch with their humanity.

8. Everything is corrupt. Nothing is pure.

Not TV or illegal drugs but the automobile has been the chief destroyer of American communities.

– ― Jane Jacobs, Dark Age Ahead

I still haven’t figured out who Victoria Justice is, and why I should care. 

I’ve been watching a lot of documentaries lately. I’ve never been a huge fan of the genre admittedly, figuring the fictional side of film a lot more interesting.

I think the documentary journey began with watching Quiz Show—a fantastic old Robert Radford film. From there, I started watching related movies that were based on real events before taking the plunge into real events as film.

So, this mainly translates to watching a stupid amount of David Attenborough and Werner Herzog. I’ve also been following the Robin Hill Murders documentary series with Joe Berlinger, which are super interesting. I believe there are 4 films in total, all documenting the conviction of 3 teenagers in relation to the murder of 3 eight year olds supposedly in a Satanist ritual.

There is an ethereal quality to documentaries. There is this one scene in Into The Abyss, where the father completely loses it. It’s human and full of empathy, with more externalities than any movie script could foresee. 

Also, the linked video — no comedian could possibly script this scene. If anyone thought up of it, it would quickly put down. But it’s the incredulous nature of documentaries that rarely produces gold, for some directors more than others. Nathan for You is my new favourite television show.

Tossing and Turning


They say that it takes seven years for every single cell in our bodies to renew itself. In three years time there will not be a piece of me left that he touched and violated and maybe then, with no cells left to remember, my mind will be free too.

This final paragraph is chilling.